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Clements Walk-In Tubs with Jets

Clements Walk-In Tubs with Jets walk in tub 6 300x238Due to their proven beneficial accessibility, walk-in tubs have been the top choice by many homeowners for so long now. After a tiring day from work or school, it is just acceptable to drench yourselves in your bathtub to relieve your pain and stress. What’s a better way to achieve this, aside from possessing a basic tub with a calm stream of water caressing your body? Own a walk-in tub with a jet! You will surely feel alive and kicking to do another set of tasks after immersing yourself in a spurt of water embracing your whole body.

When it comes to walk-in bathtubs with jets, Sacramento Walk In Tubs is the most reliable establishment to have business with. We offer a wide collection of bathtubs, jets, pumps, and parts that all come with a warranty. Additionally, all products come at an affordable price, so you need not worry about your wallet!

Rest assured, you can achieve a more soothing bath time with us—definitely no more typical bathing experiences.

Call Sacramento Walk In Tubs at (916) 999-5833 to have a free consultation with our professional Clements bathtub jet expert now!

Jetted Walk-in Tubs Features

Clements Walk-In Tubs with Jets jetted walk in tub 225x300It is understandable that when it comes to our bathing experience, we want to maximize the time spent on an ultra-satisfying feeling. However, we can’t easily achieve this if our tubs lack the necessary features for a feel-good bathe. Sacramento Walk In Tubs has a diverse option of features for a jetted bathtub that will surely give you a gratifying result.

A whirlpool bath jet system brings the luxury of a spa to the comfort of your home at an affordable price. This jet system allows streams of water to massage across your body. Along with an enjoyable and relaxing bathe, it includes health benefits such as stress and anxiety relief and improvement of blood flow throughout the body. This jet system may come in 6, 8, or 10 jet streams massaging the individual parts of your body and can work together to submerge you in whirling air bubbles completely.

The jet-air spa system is another option for your walk-in tub. A series of micro-jets is located at the base of your bathtub blowing warm air into the water. The soundproof casing conceals the blowing sounds to have a relaxing bath without being disrupted by the whoosh.

You also have the option of combining both water and air jets in a 20 or 22 combo jet installation. It combines all the features and benefits of both jet systems for a total spa experience inside your own home. The union of these two systems gives an overall massage and tranquil moment.

As mentioned earlier, we also have various bathtub parts like jet nozzles from which you can choose. Depending on the appearance and specific purpose, we have nozzle series fit for that. We include built-in grab bars and a LED lighting system as well. You can upgrade your spa-like experience with our interchangeable light system in a variety of colors emerging from different sections of your bathtub, depending on where you want it displayed.

Unparalleled Bathtub Service

custom walk in bathtub installationSacramento Walk In Tubs is a premiere bathroom service provider in Clements, CA. When it comes to jet bathtub purchases, we have the best choices!

Worry not if you have an existing basic tub because we also do bathtub conversions. Without having to remove your tub at home, we can convert it into a jetted one in just a day. We work fast, yet we do not compromise quality. We also do custom jetted tub specifications of parts and features, changing their sizes, placement, type, and color based on your preference.

Our professional conversion workers have the skills and years of experience. That is why our clients have always been very satisfied with the finished outcome. Consequently, Sacramento Walk In Tubs has been a bathroom partner of many homeowners for a decade now, given the excellent business ethics we uphold.

We are a full-service company because we cater to your bathroom needs from the consultation, installation of purchased walk-in tubs with jets or conversion into a jetted one, up until maintenance works. Also, the inclusion of a one-year warranty on the parts and pumps is what makes our clients interested and trust us with the service we provide. There is no leaving midway because we got your backs until the end.

You can contact us anytime!

Free Consultation

Clements Walk-In Tubs with Jets swt logo 300x144We only aim to provide you the best and most relaxing bathing experience that supplements health benefits as well. Sacramento Walk In Tubs is the ideal bathroom partner for your Clements home. Our staff members are approachable, and you can simply discuss with them your jetted bathtub ideas.

Call Sacramento Walk In Tubs at (916) 999-5833 to have a free consultation with our professional Clements bathtub jet expert now!