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Sacramento Walk-In Tub Company

custom walk-in bathtub installPicking what’s best for your bathroom is undeniably hard when you are conflicted between beauty, cost, and safety. Your bathtub is just a minor portion of your house, but it can make a great impact on your entire day. Walk-in tubs are becoming popular these days due to the level of security and comfort it provides.

There is no one more successful in manufacturing, designing, and installing walk-in tubs like Sacramento Walk In Tubs. We can help you get a walk-in bathtub that is practical, safe, durable, and affordable all at the same time. However, there is a lot to consider in choosing the specific type of walk-in bathtub to purchase depending on your necessity (or your family member’s).

While a typical soak in an ordinary bathtub can already increase blood circulation and relieve muscle tension, we offer more than just the ordinary. We have various walk-in bathtubs that offer more benefits and better bathing experience. We ensure that after safely getting out of the tub, you are freshened up as you’ve never been before!

It can benefit people of all ages and groups, but it is particularly meant for people who have physical issues. The walk-in bathtubs we provide have therapeutic options such as air bath or whirlpool jets and bathtubs that are primarily meant for a normal but safer bath.

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Different Walk-in Bathtubs According to Your Needs

Sacramento Walk-In Tub Company walk in tub 300x200We offer better ways to bath with traditionally-drawn-to-modern tubs and using the latest technology. These provide a more relaxing and safer bath experience. Choose among the best walk-in tubs we offer:

1. Soaker Tub

The soaker tub is preferably the most simple and cost-effective walk-in tub we offer. When you only want to have an ordinary bath but at the same want to do it in a safer manner, this will be your top pick. Its main selling point is its lower threshold for more accessible entry.

2. Wheelchair-Accessible Bathtubs

Wheelchair-accessible bathtubs are largely beneficial for someone who can move merely through a seated position into the bathtub. The tub has a door that gives easier access to the tub seat and can either have an inward or outward opening. The threshold has a wheelchair or a standard chair height. Bariatric walk-in tub is another walk-in tub that is almost the same with wheelchair-accessible tubs, but its features can accommodate an individual who weighs 300 lbs or more.

3. Aerotherapy (air jet) Tubs

Water jet tubs consist of a system with various air injectors that create bubbles. This produces a soft and relaxing full-body bathing experience. While enjoying the effect on your body, you are all cleaned up and free from worry that comes with bacteria building up on your tub.

4. Hydrotherapy (water jet) Tubs

The hydro massage jet system is adored by many of our customers. The powerful pressure gives the right amount of touch that your tired body needs. Water currents distribute wider and abysmal body massage better than ordinary spa jets. You can personalize the flow rate and direction of the jets to achieve your most preferred comfort. This is also referred to as whirlpool tubs.

5. Aromatherapy Tubs

This is considered as the most mood-enhancing relaxation tub by many. Our aromatherapy tubs come with a set of essential oil starter packs. The scent will calm your muscles and free your mind from stress at the end of your bath.

6. Chromatherapy Tubs

This type of walk-in tub can heal your muscles and mind through colors and light. Our chromatherapy tubs showcase multi-colored lights directly placed in the tub basin. Lights will illuminate the water and improve your bathing adventure.

7. Combination Tubs

If you prefer a walk-in tub that is a mixture of the aforementioned types, our professional workers can provide that for you. There are available models our experts can show you. The customization must still be according to safety and effectiveness, which is the main purpose of a walk-in tub. If you want a wheelchair-accessible whirlpool tub, then we’ll provide it for you.

Walk in Comfort with Sacramento Walk-In Tub Company

Sacramento Walk-In Tub Company walk in tub 4 300x204To produce the best quality of walk-in bathtubs, the materials used should be of finest quality, too. Through years of serving the people of Sacramento, California, we have attained the proficiencies needed for every aspect of finishing your most desired walk-in bathtub.

Sacramento Walk In Tubs is a team of trained and excellent people who can give you the ultimate walk-in bathtub experience. Your tub will be a lifetime investment. It can benefit you for a long time with the proper maintenance procedure. We guarantee your safety and luxury at a price that’s just right with your budget.

Your journey into achieving the most refreshing and overwhelming bath escapade is foreseen when you walk with us. We will make sure that your new walk-in bathtub has a size that fits your bathroom. The color and style of the bathtub itself will be according to your style as well.

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Sacramento Walk-In Tub Company swt logo 300x144Sacramento Walk In Tubs listens to the uniqueness of your bathroom needs. The walk-in bathtub you envision will come into reality when you know the right company to call. Our professionals in the field are greatly promising in doing the job for you and will even assist in choosing the most appropriate type you need.

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