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Birds Landing Walk-In Tub Company

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Choosing the right bathtub for your bathroom can be challenging, considering factors like beauty, cost, and safety. However, the impact of your bathtub on your daily life is significant. Walk-in tubs are gaining popularity due to the level of security and comfort they offer.

At Tub Safe, we are experts in manufacturing, designing, and installing walk-in tubs. We can provide you with a walk-in bathtub that is practical, safe, durable, and affordable all at once. However, choosing the specific type of walk-in bathtub depends on your particular needs or the needs of your family members.

While a regular soak in an ordinary bathtub can improve blood circulation and relieve muscle tension, we go beyond the ordinary. Our selection of walk-in bathtubs offers additional benefits and a superior bathing experience. You’ll feel refreshed like never before after safely stepping out of the tub!

Our walk-in bathtubs are suitable for people of all ages but are mainly designed for individuals with physical challenges. We offer therapeutic options like air baths or whirlpool jets and bathtubs meant for a safer but enjoyable bathing experience.

Contact Tub Safe at (916) 999-5833 for a free consultation with a Birds Landing walk-in tub expert.

Different Walk-in Bathtubs According to Your Needs

Birds Landing Walk-In Tub Company sacramentowalkintubs images 023 225x300Experience a better way to bathe with our selection of traditionally designed modern walk-in tubs incorporating the latest technology. These bathtubs ensure a more relaxing and safer bathing experience. Explore our top-notch walk-in tubs and choose the one that suits your needs best:

1. Soaker Tub

Our soaker tub is perfect for those seeking a simple and cost-effective walk-in tub. This tub is ideal if you prefer a regular bath but with added safety. The main highlight of this tub is its lower threshold, making entry more accessible and secure.

2. Wheelchair-Accessible Bathtubs

Wheelchair-accessible bathtubs provide significant benefits for individuals who can only move from a seated position into the bathtub. These tubs have a door that allows more accessible access to the tub seat and can either open inward or outward. The threshold of these tubs is designed to accommodate a wheelchair or have the height of a standard chair. On the other hand, bariatric walk-in tubs are similar to wheelchair-accessible tubs but are specially designed to accommodate individuals who weigh 300 lbs or more.

3. Aerotherapy (air jet) Tubs

Water jet tubs are equipped with a system that includes multiple air injectors, creating gentle bubbles that provide a soft and relaxing full-body bathing experience. As you enjoy the soothing effect on your body, the water jets also help to keep your bathtub clean and free from bacteria buildup.

4. Hydrotherapy (water jet) Tubs

Many customers prefer the hydro massage jet system for its powerful pressure, providing the right amount of touch that their tired bodies need. The water currents distribute widely and offer a more profound body massage than ordinary spa jets. With the ability to personalize the flow rate and direction of the jets, you can achieve your preferred level of comfort. This system is also commonly referred to as whirlpool tubs.

5. Aromatherapy Tubs

Many consider this to be the ultimate mood-enhancing relaxation tub. Our aromatherapy tubs come with essential oil starter packs, filling the air with soothing scents that calm your muscles and free your mind from stress at the end of your bath.

6. Chromatherapy Tubs

Our chromatherapy walk-in tubs offer a unique healing experience for your muscles and mind. With multi-colored lights directly placed in the tub basin, the water illuminates soothing colors, enhancing your bathing adventure and promoting relaxation.

7. Combination Tubs

Our professional workers can create a customized walk-in tub that combines the features of the different types mentioned earlier. We have available models to show you, and our experts will ensure that the customization prioritizes safety and effectiveness, which are the primary purposes of a walk-in tub. Whether you desire a wheelchair-accessible whirlpool tub or any other specific combination, we can provide it for you.

Walk in Comfort with Birds Landing Walk-In Tub Company

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We prioritize using the finest materials available to ensure the best walk-in bathtubs. With years of serving the people of Birds Landing, California, we have acquired the expertise needed to deliver the walk-in bathtub of your dreams.

At Tub Safe, our team consists of trained and skilled professionals committed to providing you with the ultimate walk-in bathtub experience. Your bathtub will be a long-lasting investment that can benefit you with proper maintenance. We guarantee your safety and luxury, all at a price that fits your budget perfectly.

When you choose us, you embark on a journey toward a refreshing and luxurious bath experience. We will ensure that your new walk-in bathtub fits perfectly in your bathroom, and the color and style will be tailored to your preferences.

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Birds Landing Walk-In Tub Company swt logo 300x144At Tub Safe, we value the individuality of your bathroom requirements. When you choose the right company to call, your envisioned walk-in bathtub becomes a reality. Our experienced professionals are committed to delivering exceptional results and will gladly help you choose the most suitable walk-in bathtub.

Contact Tub Safe at (916) 999-5833 for a free consultation with a Birds Landing walk-in tub expert.