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Garden Valley Walk-In Shower Company

Garden Valley Walk-In Shower Company shower tub replacement 300x200Getting in or out of a shower may not be as easy for other people like the way you do it. People with mobility issues, the elderly, and children can greatly benefit from installing a walk-in shower. You can also have it at home just because you want to improve your shower experiences.

Tub Safe is Garden Valley’s leading company in the field of walk-in shower manufacturing and installation. We have a wide range of safe, stylish, and budget-friendly walk-in showers that ensemble your size and perception of a bathroom. We also offer optional safety aids such as anti-slip floors, grab rails, assistance poles, duckboards, and fold down seating for extra support.

Together with safety and accessibility enhancement, walk-in showers create a perfect look in your bathroom. They are available in many styles that are promised with space-saving, neo-angle bases, and luxurious roll-in systems that fit your needs and wants.

With Tub Safe, the effortless shower experience awaits you. You no longer have to worry about stepping over thresholds, smudged tile, and damaged gears. Plus, you have all the freedom to choose the size, color, and finish to be seen in your walk-in shower.

Call Tub Safe at (916) 999-5833 for a free consultation with a Garden Valley walk-in shower expert now.

Types of Walk-In Showers

new bathtub installationThe type of walk-in shower depends on how it is accessed by the user. Space and style are also considered along with its safety and sturdiness. The following will help you choose the particular walk-in shower you want to feature in your bathroom.

1. Enclosed

This walk-in shower is surrounded by walls and is accessed through a door. This is suitable for you if you feel awkward showering in an open space despite just being inside your house. The enclosed walk-in shower gives you privacy during your bath. The comfort and safety it brings are great factors why our past clients chose this type. If you like this one, choosing the best shower door is your next stop. This can either be pivot doors, hinged doors, or sliding doors.

2. Open

Open walk-in showers do not have a door and are made with a wider stretch of a tiled floor. The vastness of space it requires is made for water not to flood your entire bathroom. It costs lower than an enclosed walk-in shower because you don’t have to spend on the wall material. It can be done in a short period with remarkable aesthetics as a result.

3. Surround spray

This type of walk-in shower involves numerous shower sprays installed in the walls. This enables you to get splashed with water from multiple angles. For a faster and better bath experience, this is highly recommended by our team. Water enthusiasts wouldn’t think twice in choosing this for a more refreshing shower escapade.

Types of Showerheads

custom shower remodelYou should be able to complement your showerheads to the type of walk-in shower you chose. This adds a more appealing shower experience for you and your family. Your choices for showerheads are the following:

1.Wall-mounted Showerheads

This is the traditional showerhead most walk-in showers have. But it is not a popular fact that wall-mounted showerheads can be mounted near your abdomen or chest. You can also have it perpendicularly sprayed against your wall. If you want your walk-in shower simple, this will be your best choice.

2. Detachable Showerheads

If you are conscious whether you have completely cleaned your body, detachable shower heads are suitable for you. Hooks are provided as holders when you don’t use it. It can be your main showerhead supplemented by a traditional wall-mounted showerhead. These two work best with each other.

3. Rainfall Showerheads

Rainfall showerhead gives the best aesthetics, especially if you enjoy a long and luxurious shower. This is usually square and has a wide showerhead—the widest among the existence of all showerheads. This type of showerhead can accommodate your whole body.

All these are good choices based on preference. And if you want, the three types of showerheads can be present in one walk-in shower room for a better cleaning spree.

Garden Valley, California’s Top Company for Walk-In Showers

Garden Valley Walk-In Shower Company shower bath remodel 300x200Walk into luxurious, stylish, and worry-free showers with Tub Safe. Being the walk-in shower partner of many house owners for years now, we have acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to satisfy your shower visions. Our professional installers will work hard to finish your desired walk-in shower at the allotted time and budget.

We have been known for the unlevelled quality of our building materials and our clean job results. Our past clients were never disappointed, starting from the consultation, design finishing, installment, and up to necessary maintenance calls.

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Garden Valley Walk-In Shower Company swt logo 300x144The type and style you choose should be jaw-dropping-worthy without setting aside safety and usefulness. There are a lot of misconceptions circulating about walk-in showers. If you extremely want one but you hear one of these mistaken beliefs, talking with Tub Safe experts will help clarify the issues. You would rather be allured on having a walk-in shower with a touch of your style.

Call Tub Safe at (916) 999-5833 for a free consultation with a Garden Valley walk-in shower expert now.