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Garden Valley Walk-In Bathtub Installers

walk-in bathtub remodelIn choosing bathtubs, your first concern may be durability and exquisiteness. It should give off a nice and calming ambiance, yet nothing is more relaxing when you know that it is also safe to use. One of the bathtubs that provide safety and convenience is a walk-in bathtub.

At Tub Safe, walk-in bathtubs are one of the most popular bathtub style chosen when talking about the need for comfort and security. It is important for you to install a practical, comfortable, and safe bathtub. Our team, the leading experts in walk-in bathtub installation, can make your bathtub upgrade easier by helping you achieve a walk-in style.

This kind of bathtub is especially useful if you or your family member has disability issues. Walk-in bathtubs are particularly designed to avoid slipping and other accidents that might happen in a standard bathtub. It primarily has handrails, seats, and textured pads to aid safety for the user.

We also make sure to install a leak-proof bathtub from the door seal with a non-slip material. With an affordable purchase and installation price, there are various styles, colors, and designs available for whatever suits your personality. All of these are guaranteed safe and stress-free to use.

Call Tub Safe at (916) 999-5833 for a free consultation with our Garden Valley walk-in bathtub expert now!

Types of Walk-in Bathtubs

Garden Valley Walk-In Bathtub Installers walk in tub 300x200Depending on your needs, you must choose the most appropriate walk-in bathtub for your home. Your goal is to pick the one most accessible to you or your family member’s situation.

1. Soaker Tub

This is the most basic and cost-affordable one. If you want a simple tub that requires lesser extravagance, soaker tub can be your best option for a walk-in bathtub.

2. Wheelchair Accessible Bathtubs

This is most beneficial for a family member that can only move through a seated position into the bathtub. This walk-in tub has a door that can either be opened inward or outward. The doors allow easier access to the tub seat—the threshold levels a wheelchair or standard chair height for better movement and transfer getting in. There is also a Bariatric walk-in tub that is designed according to wheelchair-accessible tubs but can accommodate a user that weighs 300 lbs or heavier.

3. Aerotherapy (air jet) Tubs

Aerotherapy tubs are technically considered as gentle massage tubs. The purpose of air jets and pumps is to move water in a gentle manner that will form a champagne-like bubbling. We offer you this type of tub with an amazing cleaning feature. It drains water after the bath and prevents the build-up of microorganisms in the jet piping by running water through it.

4. Hydrotherapy (water jet) Tubs

Also known as whirlpool tubs, this type of walk-in bathtub provides a massage-like experience, too. Compared to air jet tubs, its jet is tougher and gives off greater pressure that relieves pain associated with joint pain such as arthritis. The extra power may be uncomfortable for people with sensitive skin, so assess the user carefully before deciding on buying this type of walk-in tub.

5. Aromatherapy Tubs

Our past clients fell in love with this walk-in tub because of the calming scent brought about by essential oils. It will probably lighten your mood or better the feeling of a physically disabled user. Aromatherapy itself is a scientifically proven way to relax and give yourself a break from the stress outside your bathroom. You can choose which essential oil best suits your sense. We can help you bring a spa-like ambiance in your own home!

6. Chromatherapy Tubs

If you prefer a bath that relaxes you visually, a chromatherapy tub will be your best ally. This walk-in tub uses subdued color lighting to uplift your mood and get rid of your stress. You can choose which color relaxes you, and we’ll see to it that your wants are provided.

7. Combination Tubs

Our team can give you the most blissful bath by combining the above-mentioned types of walk-in tubs. According to your choice, we’ll combine various tubs such as a wheelchair-accessible aromatherapy tub.

You are Safe with Garden Valley, CA Walk-In Bathtub Installers

Garden Valley Walk-In Bathtub Installers walk in tub 6 300x238With the growing numbers of walk-in bathtub models in the market, you may grow confused about which is the ideal one for your home. Our history in bathtub installation had been proven of top quality and affirmatively reviewed by all our clients.

Tub Safe is certified to implement safety standards by the country and even by medical therapists for handicapped individuals. Our meticulous experts in installation guarantee to provide an excellent way to preserve bathing tasks as simple and as gratifying as possible.

Investing in a walk-in bathtub with us runs for a lifetime. Your old tubs that were manufactured with poor quality materials can cause stress and inconvenience. That will be the last thing you need amongst an elegant and seamless interior of your household. As an answer, our Garden Valley company will deliver the best service that will keep you from frustrating over leaks and rotting!

Install with Us!

Garden Valley Walk-In Bathtub Installers swt logo 300x144Before purchasing a walk-in tub, consider that benefits outweigh the danger. You’d rather do the choosing and assessing systematically than diving into deeper peril. We, at Tub Safe, can give just the right walk-in bathtub you need.

Call Tub Safe at (916) 999-5833 for a free consultation with our Garden Valley walk-in bathtub expert now!