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Lafayette Walk-In Bathtub Installation

Ready to modify your home to meet the accessibility needs of your family? Sacramento Walk In Tubs is your Lafayette walk-in bathtub installation specialists, providing walk-in tubs, showers, and updating your space with the latest in modern conveniences.

walk-in tub remodel

Providing long-lasting and durable products, fast installation, and an array of attractive options for bath refitting, our walk-in tub solutions make maintaining your hygiene easy, regardless of your mobility level or age. Many factors can prompt a homeowner to choose an accessible tub. Injury, degenerative disease, or other mobility problems can make using a traditional bathtub or shower not only challenging, but also dangerous.

Our walk-in bathtub installation experts provide a custom solution that suits your needs, including installation of grab bars, seats, massage jets, and easy methods of entry, from lower thresholds to tub doors.

At Sacramento Walk In Tubs, we focus on providing both attractive and functional bathtub and shower products that suit your needs and lifestyle.

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A Safer Bathing Solution

According to the National Institute on Aging, 80% of falls occur in the bathroom. For those struggling with limited mobility, handicap, or injury, using a standard bath or shower can be virtually impossible without help, which may not always be convenient or available. Also, most people of any age or accessibility level simply prefer to have the ability to bathe in privacy.

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Slippery, wet surfaces can commonly lead to slips and falls, and for those already dealing with injury or disability, it can be even more challenging to recover.

We provide a variety of bath style options, features, and accessories. Corner caddies, handles, benches, shelving, tub jetting, and complementary hardware can all be added to complete your new walk-in bath.

Tired of your outdated, mildew-infested shower or bath? Want to convert your existing bath into an accessible or walk-in tub that is safe and comfortable for every single member of your family to use?

Sacramento Walk In Tubs provides smart bathroom remodel solutions that are customized to your needs, space, and family. We look forward to showcasing what we can deliver for you.

Functional Accessibility Options

When it comes to accessibility options, we have a wide selection for you to choose from.

Bathtub accessibility upgrades

From shower bars and seats to modified tubs for easy access, we can work with your needs and give you and your family the best bathroom upgrades for your project. When it comes to bathtubs, we have step-in tubs and walk-in tubs.

We can even customize your bathtubs and showers based on your needs without destroying the space. All the materials we will use require low maintenance and last a long time. It will also protect your bathtub from mold, mildew, and other elements that may damage the fixtures easily.

Our team also works efficiently, ensuring that you can use your remodeled or newly installed showers and baths immediately after we finish. We will keep the bathroom free from any messes and only touch those that need to be worked on, enabling you to use the parts of the bathroom that you need without problems.

Complete Accessible Bath Renovation

Our Lafayette, CA bath remodeling experts offer a full bath renovation service to help clients get the best bath solutions based on their needs.

low threshold shower renovation

We have a wide selection of bath and shower refits and remodels, as well as accessibility features that will provide functionality without the extra cost of maintaining them. We will give you reasonable quotes for our service and do the project fast so that you don’t have to worry about rising fees the longer the service takes place.

Whatever service you like us to do for your bathroom, we can offer the right service each and every time.

Let’s Talk- Free Expert Consultation

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Getting the perfect bathroom for your family’s needs is not hard to achieve, even if you have a limited budget. Our Sacramento Walk In Tubs team is always ready to help clients get high-quality, durable, and beautiful bathtubs that everyone in the family can use. We can also do upgrades and accessibility remodeling quickly so that you can use your bathroom immediately after we are finished.

What is also great with our service is that we make sure that everything stays within your budget and that your preferences are taken into account.

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