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Sacramento Safety Bathtubs

Sacramento Safety Bathtubs walk in tub 6 300x238Ordinary bathtubs give enough comfort and regular use, however, they don’t guarantee safety to you and your family. Bathtubs are often difficult to enter, causing danger such as falls and injuries. As a result, you need to replace your bathtub, especially when your house is occupied with kids, elderly, disabled, or even just mere clumsy people.

Safety bathtubs are essential not only for luxurious and refreshing escape after a long day of stress, but also to avoid slipping from slick soapy surfaces. This sudden and serious hazard can be helped by Sacramento Walk In Tubs. We have been the provider of safety bathtubs to people in Sacramento who want a safer and worry-free bath.

A safety tub is acrylic or gel-coated tub that equally enables you to shower easily and comfortably. Getting out of the tub will no longer be difficult for we’ll give you the hydrostatic access door for easier entry and exit. Also, you don’t even have to sacrifice the aesthetics of your bathtub with safety because we can give you both.

Along with the promised safety, we offer numerous designs, styles, and colors to choose from. We don’t want you to feel caged to satisfy the protection you need because we understand that beauty and elegance are still important things to remember.

Contact Sacramento Walk In Tubs at (916) 999-5833 for a free consultation with our Sacramento safety bathtub expert now!

What is Changed to Create Safer Bathtubs?

grab bar features for bath tubTo achieve the most secured bathtub experience, there are certain changes done compared to an ordinary bathtub. The following will warrant you danger-free from entering to bathing, and until you get out of the tub. All these you’ll have when you choose us as your safety bathtub partner!

1. Door Type

To make a safety bathtub, doors are necessary. Unlike the traditional bathtub where you need to step in with full effort, safety bathtubs can have no doors, doors with inward opening, doors with outward opening, upward-opening, and sideways opening.

The variety of door types installed in a safety tub enables the user to better access the inside of it. Our bathtub doors are securely sealed so that whenever you close it and start bathing, there will be no leaks on the sides. This is important because acquiring a safety tub but slipping on the floor with water leaks will only defeat the purpose of the bathtub.

2. Entry style

Entry can be walk-in, lift in, or slide in. Walk-in bathtubs are designed to easily get inside the tub without lifting. This is greatly beneficial for people with physical disabilities. Its threshold is lower, making it easier to enter compared to standard bathtubs.

Lift-in or pull-up tubs don’t require stepping in when the bather wants to enter the tub properly. This can be used by individuals who can still walk and is not dependent on a wheelchair. Lastly, slide-in entry style is critically important for bathers who are assisted by a caregiver. This safety bathtub secures a person with hand mobility problems. The upper shoulder must stay above water, too.

3. Position

The bather can either be sitting or lying down. Seated version of safety tubs is perfect for a wheelchair user. The tub has a threshold leveling a chair’s height, so it is easier for the person to enter the tub without stepping in. The person can sit on the tub seat first before lifting one leg at a time to entirely get in the tub. The lying down version of the tub allows a handicapped person to lie down and submerge his/her upper back and shoulders in the water. The mobility challenged person does not also need to step in to enter the bathtub.

The three classifications are mixed to create the safety bathtub you or your loved one requires. For example, we have a ‘walk-in bathtub with the inward opening door,’ ‘slide-in bathtub- seated version with an outward swinging door’ and ‘pull-up bathtub-lying version.’

Relax with Sacramento Safety Bathtubs

Sacramento Safety Bathtubs walk in tub 1 300x300We have been hearing stories of accidents and unfortunate events regarding bathtub incidents from our past customers. Thus, we know how scary when those happen to your loved ones, too. Luckily, your bathtub doesn’t have to be the most dangerous place for you and your family.

Sacramento Walk In Tubs has been providing safe and relaxing bathtubs for years now. The feedback given to us never crossed the negative side of the line. Our journey with our clients is as accommodating as the bathtubs we deliver to them, and we’ll make you experience the same result we’ve given to them as well!

At a reasonable price, your bathtub is geared with the most durable and safe materials from our trusted suppliers. We promise to consider your style in recreating the bathtub you have been dreaming of. Our trained and dependable experts in safety bathtub installation will wash your worries away and bring back peace of mind for you and your family members.

Call for Safety Now!

Sacramento Safety Bathtubs swt logo 300x144Imagine going home and entering your bathtub after a stressful day at work. You closed your eyes while the water calms your every nerve with a scent soothing your muscles. Your mind is finally at peace…not until you slipped off the tub and break some bones or get a serious injury. You don’t want the latter to happen to you. In Sacramento Walk In Tubs, we won’t let that happen to you. So for a convenient and enjoyable bathtub experience, call us today.

Contact Sacramento Walk In Tubs at (916) 999-5833 for a free consultation with our Sacramento safety bathtub expert now!