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Sacramento Handicap Bathtubs

custom walk-in bathtub installPeople with disabilities often have their reasons for wanting to take a bath independently. But as a family who cares and worry for them, you probably won’t allow them to bathe on their own. We get the fear, but why settle for worrying too much when you can give them the bathtub especially made for them?

Here at Sacramento Walk In Tubs, we care for the welfare of your handicapped loved ones. Persons with mobility issues are prone to accidents in the bathtub so that it might be considered as the most dangerous part of the house for them. We aim to change that reality by setting up the bathtub more accessible and safer for physically disabled individuals.

We designed several options that come with both style and convenience. Our team ensures to accommodate the needs of individuals challenged with mobility by providing them a way to relax during their bath. A wide range of features is also made available by the expertise of our staff.

Our specialists do not let incapability be the limit for someone’s will to be independent in such daily activities. At a price you won’t regret, we will deliver the best bathtub experience for your loved ones with physical issues.

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Diverse Handicap Bathtubs

Sacramento Handicap Bathtubs walk in tub 5 300x200The categories that made differences among handicap bathtubs vary depending on the door type (no door, inward or outward opening, upward or sideways opening), entry style (walk-in, lift-in or slide-in) and position the bather makes while taking a bath (sitting or lying down). It is substantial to consider the kind of disability your family member has while choosing the best bathtub for him/her.

1. Walk-in Bathtub with Inward Opening Door

This type allows the physically disabled user to enter the tub easily and quickly through a swinging gate-like door. The same space is used as a traditional bathtub. The door feature doesn’t require stepping in to enter. It reduces fall incidents and possible injuries.

2. Walk-in Cube Bathtub with Outward Swinging Front Door

Compared to standard bathtubs, its threshold is lower, making it easy to enter. Its outward opening enables the bather to come out of the bathtub faster during an emergency. The user must have the ability to step in without a wheelchair. It may require assistance to get in successfully.

3. Slide-in Bathtub, Seated Version with Outward Swinging Door

You or your family member can sit down on the provided seat before fully entering the tub. Upon sitting, one leg will be raised after another to get inside. It is best for those who have difficulties stepping in. If your loved one uses a wheelchair, he can easily slide-in laterally to transfer to the tub seat.

4. Slide-in Bathtub, Lying Down Version with Outward Swinging Door

This kind of bathtub is entirely leveled with a standard chair height. The user doesn’t have to step in too because he can just transfer seat followed by raising one leg at a time to get inside the tub proper. It accommodates a wheelchair user effectively. The handicapped person can also lie down and submerge his upper back and shoulders.

5. Pull-up Bathtub, Seated Version

This is another bathtub that doesn’t require stepping in. Your family member can just easily sit first before going inside and lift their legs into the tub. This can be used by people who can still walk and wheelchair users as well. But remember that its mechanical components require maintenance to be used accurately.

6. Pull-up Bathtub, Lying Version

This tub is a ‘no stepping in’ kind because the entire bathtub is made in chair height. The user can simply raise his/her legs in order to get in. This can accommodate ambulatory patients and wheelchair users. When you help your family member, the levitated height makes it easier for you to assist.

These are the common types of handicap tubs we’ve provided for our customers. And you know what’s even better than this wide set of choices? All these you can choose and purchase at an affordable price!

The Best Provider of Handicap Bathtubs in Sacramento, California

Sacramento Handicap Bathtubs walk in tub 6 300x238The myriad of services we provide for people with physical disabilities is undeniably beneficial. The comfort and safety they need are paramount. That is why we have given independent bathing time for handicapped persons for years and counting.

Sacramento Walk In Tubs has accumulated experiences and expertise to satisfy our future clients. We assure you that we will install handicap bathtubs with quality materials, able to hurdle the test of time. We work not only for safety but for your taste of beauty as well.

Our Sacramento team of trained and professional workers has seen different situations from different homes. You and your loved one with a physical disability might be facing a unique inconvenience from others. So it is vital for us to hear your circumstance before starting your bathtub renovation.

We Answer with Care

Sacramento Handicap Bathtubs swt logo 300x144While we consider the design best suited for your bathroom, we understand the worry that comes with finances. Sacramento Walk In Tubs ensures to provide handicap bathtubs thinking through the space you have, the accessibility you need, and the budget you can offer.

Contact Sacramento Walk In Tubs at (916) 999-5833 for a free consultation with a Sacramento handicap bathtub expert now!