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El Dorado Hills Handicap Accessible Tubs

Mobility is a major problem for many people, especially if they require the use of crutches or wheelchairs to get into places. This can greatly affect their ability to utilize personal spaces like bathtubs or showers. At Sacramento Walk In Tubs, our El Dorado Hills handicap accessible tubs are the ideal solution for creating a bathroom that is accessible to every single member of the family.

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If you are ready to convert your shower to a bathtub, update your existing tub, or add custom accessibility features to better support those with reduced mobility in your home, we have the perfect bathtub remodeling solutions. We not only provide a functional and safe environment, we create sophisticated and stylish bathrooms with practically endless customization options.

Traditional bathtub renovation is typically expensive, time-consuming, and messy. Not with Sacramento Walk In Tubs! Our tub installation professionals get you back to your normal bathing routine faster and with less hassle.

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Walk-In & Step-In Tub Benefits

For handicapped individuals and those with mobility problems, like the elderly, having handicap accessible tubs such as walk-in or step-in tubs are the best option to use.

custom walk in bathtub installation

These tubs come with a waterproof door on one side where a user can go in and out of the tub easily. There is also a short step-in height that is easy to manage, especially by the elderly. Some of these tubs come with health functions such as automatic heaters, hydrotherapy jets, and even mobility-friendly features like handrails and anti-slip floors.

For those with mobility problems, handicap accessible tubs can make bathing safer, helping to prevent accidents from occurring. Falls are often the major reason for many elderly people and those with existing handicaps to have an injury requiring a hospital visit, and bathrooms are a prime location for falls to occur.

Here are the great benefits of walk-in or step-up tubs which you should consider:

  • Easier use – Anyone with mobility problems will find it easier to use these tubs because they can enter and exit it easily.
  • Safety – Aside from being easy to get in and out, walk-in or step-in tubs come with various safety features that prevent further injuries. These features include non-slip floors, anti-scald pieces, and seats. You can even customize the tub for other safety parts to make the tub safer for specific users.
  • Health benefits – Bathing time in tubs is actually great because it can help relax the body from stress, improve sleep, and soothe muscle pains. Walk-in or step-in tubs come with perks like hydrotherapy jets and automatic heaters to help improve bath time.

Want to learn more about the specific benefits of handicap accessible tubs? Our El Dorado Hills, CA accessible bathtub installation team can thoroughly explain all of the features and why you should consider one for your home.

Bathtub Accessibility Features & Options

If you do not want a brand new walk-in or step-in tubs for your bathrooms, we do offer other solutions that we can do for your bathroom.

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We can modify your existing bathtubs and customize the features it has to make it more friendly for users. We can add anti-slip floors, bar handles, and other fixtures without damaging your existing space. All the fixtures we can add to your bathroom are made from high-quality materials that will require less maintenance and repairs. It will even protect your bathroom from usual problems such as mold, dirt, and grime.

You don’t have to worry about not being able to use your bathrooms while we work on them. We will only work on the area that requires changes, allowing you to access the areas in the bathroom that you will need. This will also reduce the money you have to pay for our services since we will only tackle the areas needed for upgrades.

Complete Bathroom Remodel Company

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Sacramento Walk In Tubs is dedicated to providing workable, functional, and beautiful bathroom solutions for all their clients.

We perform custom installations, remodeling, conversions, and accessibility improvements to help bathrooms become more functional and low-maintenance for their users. We provide affordable solutions compared to getting your bathrooms completely redone by traditional bathroom renovation companies.

Let’s Talk Now- Free Consultation

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If you have a handicapped person at home or you just want to have a safer bathroom for everyone to use, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do it. Here at Sacramento Walk In Tubs, we can help you achieve your ideal bathroom goals without having to spend too much on it. From upgrades, conversions to new installations, we can do it fast and efficiently for your family to enjoy.

If you want to learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to help El Dorado Hills clients achieve their bathroom goals and help them see what can be done to make their bathrooms shine.

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