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Turlock Bathtubs for the Elderly & Disabled

Make bath time relaxing again with walk-in and step-in bathtubs for the elderly and disabled. Sacramento Walk In Tubs provides complete bathtub replacement services, delivering attractive and functional alternative tub layouts and design for those who struggle to use a traditional bath for any reason.

walk-in bathtub remodel

As we get older, it can be very difficult to do things that we often take for granted, such as bathing. It will be difficult to get in and out of the bathtub because our mobility is greatly reduced, and a single slip can lead to severe injuries. Disabled people will also find it hard to bathe, especially if their disability affects their mobility greatly.

Here at Sacramento Walk In Tubs, we understand the necessity to make things easier for our loved ones to maintain their hygiene with comfort and ease. With our help, you get the right type of bathtubs that are accessible to your loved ones. We can also modify your existing bathroom space and add the right accessibility features. All our recommendations will be within your budget and last for a long time once they are installed.

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Accessible Bathtubs For Limited Mobility

Bathrooms can be very dangerous for the elderly and the disabled if they do not have the right features that will help them move around easily. Not all bathrooms are equipped with mobility features because they can be very expensive to install.

custom walk-in bathtub install

Some of the accidents people can meet in bathrooms are caused by wet surfaces coming from showers and bathtubs. These can lead to falls and slips, which can be bad if one already has a disability or mobility problems.

A great way to prevent bathing-related accidents is by getting the right bathtub for them to use. In this case, walk-in bathtubs are the way to go. These bathtubs come with a cut-out in the side that can be closed by a waterproof door. Users simply open the door, step in the bathtub, and close it again so that they can enjoy the tub like a traditional tub.

Getting the Right Bathtub

When purchasing a walk-in tub, you need to make sure that the tub you will get matches your requirements. Here are the things you need to consider when getting a walk-in tub:

jetted walk-in tub

  • Needs – When buying the right walk-in tub, you need to consider what your family needs. Can it handle wheelchairs? Does it have hydrotherapy?
  • Bathroom Space – You also have to consider the bathroom space where the tub will be installed. Walk-in tubs are both taller and wider than traditional tubs. If they do not fit your current bathroom, you will incur more installation fees.
  • Hot/warm water capacity – Some walk-in bathtubs require 50 gallons of hot water to keep it warm during a bath. You may want to opt for bathtubs that come with an automatic heater to keep the water warm at all times.
  • Safety- Walk-in tubs are ideal for those looking for additional safety features to be added to their bathroom. Look for walk-in tubs that come with non-slip floors, low-step in configuration, bath rails, and quick drainage capacity.

If you want some help in selecting the right walk-in tubs for your needs, we can help you out. We can recommend the right tubs that will match your needs and even your budget.

Features That Make Bathing Easier

We can work with all types of bath systems and modify them based on the needs of the elderly and the disabled in your family.

grab bar features for bath tub

We can install handrails, seats, anti-slip floors, and remodel your current bathtubs if you don’t want to buy a new tub for your bathroom. We will follow your needs and work with the space that you have to achieve the ideal bath image you want for your bathroom.

For walk-in tubs, we can add other benefits like seats, remove the barriers, and add jets for hydrotherapy. We can even customize your tub for you so that it fits your bathroom space easily. All the materials we will use for the tub are long-lasting and durable, serving as extra protection from mold, mildew, and damage.

Every project we make, we try our best to do it within a day. Most of the fixtures and upgrades we do allow us to be this efficient. We work methodically and focus only on the areas that need to be modified. This enables users to use the other parts of the bathroom they need without problems and reduce further fees from being incurred.

Bathroom Renovation Professionals

Here in Turlock, CA, Sacramento Walk In Tubs is the best in the area for high-quality bathroom renovations and modifications for any type of bathroom imaginable.

step-thru bathtub insert

When we hear from a client, we will assess the bathroom in question, see what the client wants to be done and note which upgrades will fit the client’s needs.

We have the options for clients to choose from when it comes to the fixtures, upgrades, and styles we can do for the project. No matter what budget you may have, we have the options available.

We handle any type of bathroom renovation you may request us to do. From simple modifications to full modifications, we have the techniques and tools necessary to create your ideal bathroom that everyone can use easily.

Let’s Talk Now- Free Consultation

Turlock Bathtubs for the Elderly & Disabled modern logo 300x83Make it easy for your loved ones of all accessibility and mobility levels to relax and bathe at their own pace. Our Turlock-based bathtub remodeling team will be on the case in revamping your bathrooms and make it more accessible and functional for your family. From small upgrades to full revamps, we can do it quickly and efficiently so that you can use the space immediately after we are finished.

In case you don’t know what options are great for your needs, we can recommend the new tub installation to best suit the your family and budget.

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